5 things to consider while buying a house

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September 5, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Five things to consider while buying a house

For many of us especially middle-class people in India, buying a house is a dream come true. A lot of people wait for a lot of years before deciding to buy a house. People may have a decent house in their home town or village, but they are forced to move to cities and towns for purposes of job and business and there they get Flats, also called as Apartments. The flats are called 1BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and so on. We have given some pointers here for a person to consider before buying a Flat.

1. Goodwill of the Developer and their Brand
Before we buy a Flat, it’s necessary to find out the details of the developer and their previous projects. How much experience do they have? How many housing projects the company has already delivered, how much delay was there in giving the flats. We have to see their website and check their delivered projects and ongoing projects. Find out what people are talking about the developer and the property. Also check out all the property documents properly, by showing to a legal expert preferably..

2. Proximity to Markets, Schools, Hospitals, Railway station, Bus Terminal, etc

We should check how far are Markets, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and bus terminal, train station from the property. If the school is far away and there’s no school bus, parents will be forced to drop and pick up the children from school everyday. It could be a daunting task. The access to other places is quite important. Because if places are far away, it could take a lot of time in commuting.

3. Whether the Property has enough space / playground for children to play?

It is highly necessary there is a playground for children to play in the evening. Otherwise children will be wasting a lot of time before computer or mobile phone and their habits could be bad.  Having an internal playground gives added security as parents need not worry while their children are playing. Even the adults can take a time out enjoy playing games in the garden

4. Amenities Offered

We should also check what kind of amenities are within the apartment complex and outside the complex. The approach roads to the complex should be good. Things like CCTV Surveillance, 24×7 Gated Security,Green Space / park area, parking, lift, power backup, common function / meeting area, common lighting, underground and overhead water tanks are some of the amenities we need. If these amenities are not in place, our life could be very uncomfortable.

5. Construction Quality

Before we firmly decide to buy a particular property, we have to check the quality of construction. We have to check the walls, their overall look and feel, how the finishing is done.We have to check the wiring, fitting, tiles quality etc. If it’s an under-construction project, wehave an option to search on internet about the builder and his past project experiences and what the previous buyers are saying about his other properties.

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