5 Clever Furniture and Decor Pieces Your Small Space Needs

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December 24, 2020
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Cramped for space and in need of an interior upgrade? It’s OK to expect more out of your furniture! Small-space living is all about making the most of what you have. Luckily, today’s offerings have upped the ante–offering extra storage or performing double duty, in many cases. It’s all about picking the most capable product that will get the most out of the space it’s going to occupy.

Prioritizing footprint and functionality, we’ve rounded up our favorite small-space furnishings to enhance your interior.

Hang an Expandable Rack
To maximize space in a small laundry room, put a front-loading washer and dryer beneath a counter so you have work space. Space-saving drying racks are also an excellent idea.

Make Your Walls Work Overtime
This space-saving, schoolhouse-red desk folds up when not in use and can be repurposed in multiple ways: as a cocktail bar, craft station, or, if you equip it with a mirror, a vanity.

Mirrors Are Your Friend
If you’re not blessed with an abundance of natural light, mirrors can help you make the most of what you do have by reflecting it around the room. Mirrors can also help make the space feel bigger, giving the illusion of a few more square feet.

Get the Look: Rustic Wall Mounted Shelves
For extra-cramped spaces, forgo the bookshelves and go with wall-mounted shelves, which take up no floor space at all. (These happen to be easy on the eyes, too.)

Let There Be (Wall-Mounted) Light
Table lamps call for—you guessed it—a table. And in a small space, that’s not always guaranteed. Why not try a sconce instead?

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